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Help Your Guests Remember Your Event for Years to Come with Customized Can Cooler Sleeves

Help Your Guests Remember Your Event for Years to Come with Customized Can Cooler Sleeves

If you have an event coming up, consider getting some customized can cooler sleeves to give out as party favors. These are an affordable option, and they can work well for nearly any event, from personal ones to business ones. 

Great for Personal Events and Professional Events

One of the great things about giving out a foam can cooler is that you can do so at nearly any event. If you’re planning to hold some personal events, these can coolers are ideal for nearly any semi-casual or casual party. 

Foam Can Koozies

Are you hosting an annual friend group get-together or barbeque? Customize can coolers to commemorate it. After a few years, you can have a collection. From birthdays to graduations to retirement parties, the possibilities are endless. With canned beverages for all ages, you can use these magnetic can coolers for everything from kids’ birthday parties to adult-only parties with adult beverages. 

But businesses can also take advantage of this type of giveaway. Giving away branded items is a classic way of marketing your company and keeping yourself fresh in the mind of current and potential customers. 

Bonus: They’re Useful at the Event 

One of the best things about choosing a colored can cooler for a party favor is that it is useful during the event itself, assuming you are serving cans of soda, beer, or sparkling water. Your guests can use these can coolers to keep their drinks from sweating too much, ensure their drinks stay cool, and keep their hands at a comfortable temperature. 

If you choose a few variations of the big can cooler, guests can even use them to help remember which drink is theirs. For example, get a few different colors of these can coolers to make sure each of your guests has something unique.  

Incredibly Affordable

As far as party favors go, even a quality can cooler is incredibly affordable. This lets you keep more of your budget for drinks, snacks, and other items for your event. These coolers’ price point also ensures that you can get enough of them to distribute to everyone at your event, plus extra.

Plenty of Ways to Customize

As a bonus, there are plenty of ways to customize a soda can cooler to give out at your event. You can use screen printing, heat transfer, sublimation, and more. Or you can even put out fabric markers and other materials at the event and let people customize their own. 

The Can Cooler Will Bring Fond Memories to Mind

Everyone can benefit from having a slim can cooler on hand. After all, most people at least occasionally drink a beverage that comes in a can. And each time your guests pull out their regular can cooler, they’ll be reminded of the fun they had at your event. This is also a great way to establish brand recall for your business. 

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Can coolers and their different varieties, like a magnetic can cooler, or a slim can cooler, can be useful in many situations. You can use these as souvenirs for personal events or distribute these at marketing events for your business. Can coolers customized with your company’s name or logo can also improve brand recall among customers.

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