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News - QualityPerfection Can Cooler, Discounts, Coupons, New Colors and More

News about our koozies, New koozies, Discounts, Coupons, New Colors, Printing, Materials and New Designs.

12/08/23 9:00 PM

Coupon Codes :

25%SLIMPINKQP - 25% OFF Slim Neon Pink Blank 

SLIMPASTELQP - 15% OFF Slim Light Pastel Green

NEONCORALSLIMQP - 20% OFF Slim Neon Coral 

20%BABYPINKQP - 20% OFF Slim Baby Pink 

CHEETAH25QP - 25% OFF Slim Cheetah Neoprene

BlackFlagYellowQP - 20% OFF Neoprene Security, Black Flag with Yellow line 

 FIREFIGHTERQP - 15% OFF All Of Our Neoprene Fire Fighter 16oz, 12oz Regular and Slim .

 USAFLAG15 - 15% OFF Regular Size 12 oz American Waving Flag 

 METALLICNEOQP - 15OFF Neoprene Metallic Slim / Regular Minimum Quantity 50 koozies.


8/6/23 9:10 am EST 

Exciting News: New Arrivals in September - 6 Tie Dye Mix Foam in the Packages of - 12 pack, 24 pack and 48 pack - only in our website !

foam tie dye 0.55$ each koozie


8/6/23 9:00 am EST 

Exciting News: New Arrivals in 30 Days - 7 Ombre Colors in Neoprene (Slim and Regular Sizes) and 18 Colors of Slim Foam!


7/8/23 10:03 am EST

New - Ms Ananas Slim Can Cooler size 12 oz new designs 

Ms Ananas Slim Can Koozie 4mm Thick Neoprene

7/8/23 10:03 am EST

New - Ms Ananas Can Cooler Regular size 12 oz new designs 

Ms Ananas Can Koozie 4mm Thick Neoprene

7/8/23 10:01 am EST

New - Surfers Can Cooler Regular size 12 oz new designs 

Surfers Can Koozie 12 oz 4mm Neoprene Sleeves

7/8/23 9:59 am EST

New - Camo Desert Can Cooler Regular size 12 oz new designs 

Camo Real Can Koozie 4mm Thick Neoprene

7/8/23 9:55 am EST

New - Camo Desert Can Cooler Regular size 12 oz new designs 

Camo Desert Can Koozie 4mm Thick Neoprene


5/13/23 10:59 am EST

Police black flag with blue thin line koozie slim koozies coozie coozies 16oz 12 oz neoprene foam soft thick magnetic can coolie 16 beer cover holder magnet

Experience the best of both worlds with QualityPerfection Can Cooler Sleeve Neoprene 4mm police black flag with thin blue line. Designed for women and men who take their drinks seriously, this product is made from a 4mm thick Scuba knit polyester fabric on neoprene insulator - any thicker and you'd need a permit! Perfect for small businesses in printing or events, these can cooler sleeves are fun and unique marketing tools that will get your company noticed without breaking the bank. At Quality&Perfection - an army veteran family-owned business - we believe in delivering top-notch products to our customers. So why settle for anything less? Get your hands on our Can Cooler Sleeve today and experience quality like never before!


5/13/23 10:53 am EST

koozie koozies coozie coozie can cooler neoprene foam soft skinny 16 oz 12 coolie slim flag american US USA 4th of july

Whether you're hosting an event or running a small business, these can cooler sleeves are sure to make your brand stand out. Featuring an eye-catching American flag design, they're fun marketing tools that don't require overspending on logos or images. Plus, at Quality&Perfection - an army veteran family-owned small business with c - we take pride in offering top-notch products that exceed expectations.


03/19/2023 08:03 pm EST 

NEW - Shipping over The Weekend with USPS.

We push our fast shipping to be even faster !


03/17/2023 10:42 am EST

Great News ! Price Reduced !

Regular 12 oz Neoprene 10% Price Down.


03/11/2023 09:22 pm EST 

Show off your business or event with the best of Quality & Perfection: a 4mm thick neoprene coozie that ships in 24 hours! Get yours today and make an impact on your small business budget. #Coozie #QualityPerfection


02/28/2023 04:45 pm EST *** NEW ***

Slim Magnetic - New Colors - Royal Blue and Neon Green



02/19/2023 05:25 pm EST *** NEW *** 

Serape Slim Size Neoprene 6 Pack 


02/19/2023 05:21 pm EST *** NEW *** 

Serape Regular Size Neoprene 6 Pack 


01/08/2023 12:08 am EST

**NEW** Page with products that include free shipping.


11/26/2022 1:42 am EST

How to use Cricut


11/24/2022 8:51 pm EST

New Mr & Mrs 5 Designs For The Lowest Price

Click To Find Out

11/08/2022 8:28 pm EST 

200 Foam reduced price from 86 to 76$

11/03/2022 11:44 am EST

30% Decrease in Slim Blank Neoprene to Under 1$ !

Click to find out

10/31/2022 03:05 pm EST

7% Reduced price for foam can cooler sleeves 

10/31/2022 11:04 am EST 

10% Discount on all slim solid colors, coupon codeSLIMSOLID10%OFFQP

10/25/2022 8:31 pm EST

Shop QualityPerfection for great deals on Dozens of Clearance products in a variety of categories. Shop online today and save. Sixty Five Cents and under facet. $0.65 & under. Ten dollars and under facet. Look no further than Overstock to shop Clearance with Free Shipping on EVERYTHING!*

10/25/2022 8:21 pm EST

Cheap Foam Can Cooler Sleeves, Defect with Wrinkles or Color 0.29$ great for having before heat press your good koozies, don't know your settings or how long to heat press it, try first the defect ones!

Defect Foam for 0.29$

10/21/2022 11:52 am EST

New Blog Article - Different Types of Printing for Koozies© and Custom Promotional Items


10/20/2022 12:24 pm EST

Just for Vinyl Regular Neoprene 12 oz 0.65$ 4mm Thickness


10/19/2022 7:23 pm EST

Discount !

Foam Orange and Lilac is now 0.35$ a piece ,Was 0.46$ - Discount for Halloween !

On all package sizes !

1 unit, 12 pack, 25 pack, 50 pack, 100 pack and 200 pack.


10/19/2022 1:34 pm EST

Magnetic Slim Hot Pink Can Cooler Sleeve Reduced Price from 2.5$ to 1.5$

Magnetic Slim Hot Pink 1 unit

Magnetic Slim Hot Pink 2 unit

Active from today until Oct 31


10/18/2022 6:06 pm EST

New article on our Blog !

DTF vs DTG Printing: What's The Difference?


10/18/2022 11:10 am EST

New " Track My Order" Page, Track your order - Type order number with # and email or phone number.

Under the button Contact.


10/18/2022 12:08 am EST

New Page Added *** FAQ***

Questions and Answers  :

How to change password.

Delivery time.

Printing Temp.

Website security.

If we ship to Army post offices and more !


10/17/2022 6:50 pm EST

News  *** Discount By Coupon ***

On Slim Solid Blank Colors and Slim Metallic Blank, Not include Clearance or Defect.



  • Available on QualityPerfection Website
  • 10% off Slim Solid Koozies
  • No minimum purchase requirement
  • All customers
  • One use per customer
  • Can’t combine with other discounts
  • Active from today until Oct 31


10/17/2022 11:27 am EST

Discount !

Foam Orange and Lilac is now 0.35$ a piece ,Was 0.46$ - Discount for Halloween !

On all package sizes !

1 unit, 12 pack, 25 pack, 50 pack, 100 pack and 200 pack.



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