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The Science Behind Can Coolers: How They Keep the Heat Out

The Science Behind Can Coolers: How They Keep the Heat Out

Temperature plays a significant role in our perception of taste

For example, that first swig of beer is always more refreshing when it's ice-cold. When it's too warm, all the subtle flavors are lost, leaving you with something watery and flat. But when it's just right, beer is crisp and refreshing.
The preservation of the delicate flavors in beer makes can coolers popular among beer drinkers.
Of course, you can also use them as soda can coolers, along with other canned beverages.
Coolies, beer coolers, can huggers—and all its other monikers—work by creating a barrier between your hand and the can. How does a can cooler work? Learn the surprising science
behind this novelty can koozies.

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How Can Coolers Work

A can cooler works by interrupting the heat transfer process on the most basic level. It does so not by keeping the cold in but by keeping the heat out.
By creating a barrier between your hand and the can, a quality can cooler can significantly slow down the transfer of heat to your beverage. As a result, your beer stays colder for extended periods—giving you more time to enjoy its subtle flavors.

That is why can coolers are usually made of neoprene or foam. The debate on which material is better is ongoing, but both work the same by creating a barrier between the more energetic molecules (in this case, your hand) and the less energetic ones (the can of beer).

Scientifically Proven by Experts, Tested by Users

A can cooler may seem like a simple invention, but it's pretty effective. The science is clear: Can coolers work by keeping heat out, thereby preserving the flavor and temperature of your drink.
So, when you plan an outing or a trip to the beach, find a can cooler that suits your taste from QualityPerfection . We have got a wide range of colors, designs, and materials for you to choose from. Your condensation-free and cold beer drinking experience awaits, and it starts with colorful can coolers from us.

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