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About Us

QualityPerfection is an army veteran small family-owned business with a focus on and commitment to providing the highest standard of service. That’s why all our products are fun, personalized, and we going to stand out from the rest!

More importantly, when you buy from us, you become a part of our family. As a family, we make sure to have each others' back - always making sure to check the small details for each other.


If you’re someone who loves throwing a good party and enjoys having an ice cold one in your hand you know firsthand that if you don’t drink it fast enough in the heat it’s going to go flat quick. And if it’s cold outside your fingers will freeze before you finish it. That’s why we created these fun, colorful, and insulated QualityPerfection Can Coolers, for regular 12-oz. cans that keeps your drink crisp and delicious while keeping it from sweating out all the great taste.

all Year-Round

There are a lot of can coolers brands out there. Why QualityPerfection Brand ?

  1. Quality You Can Trust
  2. Army Veteran Small Family-Owned Business with a focus on and commitment to providing the highest standard of service.
  3. Treating Customers Like Family
  4. Premium Quality 4mm Thickness Neoprene VS 3mm Neoprene Thickness Industry Standard !
  5. Fast Free Shipping for Orders more than 35$ and up.
  6. QualityPerfection offers a wide range of options to suit your preferences. From classic colors to eye-catching designs, there's a can cooler for everyone.
  7. Discover the ultimate canvas for your creativity with the Best White Colors Koozie for DTF and Sublimation.


Neoprene VS Foam Can Coolers

Neoprene :

1.Greater durability than Koozies made from foam. Longer lasting.

2.Superior insulation properties. Drinks stay cooler for longer.

3.More effective at wicking moisture Highly flexible.

4.Provide a great, snug fit.

5.Ideal for printing detailed designs and logos.

Foam :

1.Cheap to buy in bulk and less expensive than neoprene versions.

2.Economical print options.

Insulated can coolers are designed to not only retain ice-cold drink temperatures longer, but they help keep your hands warm and dry by locking in condensation.

This means you can use them for all your backyard barbecues, block parties, family reunions, bon fires, and summer fun activities in the heat or continue those gatherings with friends and family during the colder months; all while keeping your hands dry and your drink just the right temperature.

can cooler sleeves


With the right can cooler, you can enjoy your favorite cold beverage without worrying about it
heating up or your hands getting too cold. Whether you prefer energy drinks, spiked seltzer, hard
beer, or soda, QualityPerfection slim can coolers will keep your beverage cold and crisp.

Perfect for Any Party
Our selection of can coolers is perfect for any party, no matter the time of year. We understand
that you want to be able to hold your beverage while you chat with friends, but you don’t want it
to get warm or go flat. If you’re having an outdoor party, the potential issues multiply. If it’s cold
outside, your drink can get too warm even more quickly. If it’s cold out, your hands will get too
cold faster.

The insulated can coolers resolve all of these issues. From slim to regular-size coolers, you will
find yourself with a crisp, delicious drink. The coolness will stay locked in, instead of sweating
out of the side of the can.

Meanwhile, your hands will thank you as well. The insulated can coolers lock condensation into
the can, so it doesn’t go to your hands. Of course, you also don’t have to directly touch the ice-
cold beverage can.

Versatile Enough for All Gatherings
The fact that insulated can coolers work just as well in hot or cold weather makes them versatile
enough for any type of gathering. Is it a warm summer night perfect for a friendly gathering in
your backyard? Maybe you’re attending a block party or bonfire. Or maybe you have a family

Maybe the weather has turned cooler, but you still want to gather outside and enjoy the outdoors
or get one last bonfire in. No matter the weather, insulated coolers will keep your drink and your
hands at the ideal temperature.
You can even get several with different colors to help people identify their drinks at gatherings.
Your guests just have to remember the color of their can cooler instead of exactly where they put
it down.

We Have Insulated Coolers for Every Can Size
To maximize the versatility of our insulated can coolers, we have options for cans of every size.
Our slim 12-ounce options for skinny cans are particularly popular, as it’s usually difficult to
find coolers for this can size. You can also opt for coolers for 12-ounce regular cans.

Choose from Foam or Neoprene
As you browse our extensive selection of can koozies, you will notice that we offer options made
of either foam or neoprene.
Neoprene can coolers are incredibly popular because of their flexibility. This flexibility makes it
incredibly easy to slide your can in and out of the koozie as needed. This flexibility also means
that you get some wiggle room if you only have a can cooler designed for one can size but have a
drink with other dimensions. That being said, we still suggest you get the can cooler designed for
your can.

Neoprene koozies also frequently last longer because of that flexibility, along with durability and
strength. This also means that you can embroider or screen print your logo on them. This lets
businesses easily use neoprene can coolers as a marketing tool, such as by giving free neoprene
koozies to customers.

These koozies can also be easily customized for personal use. You can even make personalized
koozies for a family reunion or other event as a memento of the occasion.
Foam koozies are also a good option, especially if you are on a budget. They have porous and
lightweight material, which keeps the price low but also means they don’t insulate quite as well.
Because they are thinner, foam can coolers also tend to be less durable than neoprene ones. This,
combined with their low cost, actually makes them a great choice for special events or

Customize the Color and Design
Whether you choose a foam or neoprene koozie and regardless of the size you choose, you will
have plenty of customization options.
For example, our slim 12-ounce skinny can cooler sleeves come in your choice of 45 colors and
patterns. Choose a solid color, a paisley design, florals, flags, holiday themes, and more. There
are also options for weddings, cooler sleeves with fruit on them, in camo print, and more.

Consider a Metallic Option
For an insulated can cooler that truly stands out, consider a neoprene one with a metallic finish.
These are unique marketing tools that really catch the eye. They also look great for at-home use.

Don’t Forget to Consider Magnetic Coolers
If you want even more versatility, don’t forget to consider some of our magnetic can coolers.
These give you more options of where to securely place your drink while it is in the koozie. Just
put it next to a metal surface and the can will stay in place.
Quality, Reliability, and Customer Service

QualityPerfection is a small family-owned business that focuses on quality and excellent
customer service. We are owned by an army veteran, so we understand how strict quality control
should be.

We combine that quality with service that welcomes you to our family. We believe that the best
customer service isn’t an impersonal experience; it is feeling like you are truly valued as a
customer, just like any other member of the family would be.
To keep you happy as a member of our family, we pay attention to the small details. We want
your experience with our products to be as seamless as possible.
We also go out of our way to make our products fun and personalized. This is just something that
we do for you as family.

Contact Us to Learn More About Any of Our Can Coolers
If you want to learn more about any of our can coolers, contact our team. We can help you
choose the size that you need and go over the pros and cons of materials. If you are a business,
we can answer your questions about adding your logo to our blank coolers.
You’ll be on your way to consistently cool drinks in no time.

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